New ebusy 7 applications

eBuSy is a highly flexible application that goes beyond the management of tennis courts. Faciities managed by eBuSy include

curling pitches, soccer and badminton courts, parking lots, racing simulators, sailing boats, fitness classes and lasertag games.

EBUSY LITE 3.0 – The next generation electronic pin-board

The new eBuSy Lite 3.0 is available in time for the next summer season as an integratable module for the eBuSy 7 online reservation and booking system. This is the next step towards a centralized, comprehensive EDP based administration system for tennis clubs. eBuSy lite 3.0 also features a mobile version for a broad variety of mobile clients.

eBuSy 7 now covers the following aspects of your daily club life:
  • online booking of indoor courts
  • Administration of club members
  • Course booking and administration management
  • Centralized control of door access, lighting and heating
  • and now new an integrated outdoor court booking system via the electronic pin-board

eBuSy 7 on your mobile device

We are happy to announce eBuSy's new support of mobile devices.
Starting on 11-26-2013, a mobile version of the eBuSy 7 front-end is available for a monthly fee of 3,- euros for all eBuSy 7 customers. The mobile version is completely install free, and no special app is needed. Simply open the eBuSy homepage in your mobile browser. eBuSy recognizes your mobile device and adjusts its layout using modern responsive design technologies. Try it out in our demo system:

What is ebusy?

eBuSy is an online booking and reservation system

used to book sports venues like tennis, badminton, beach volleyball or soccer courts, curling pitches, sailing boats, fitness courses or snooker tables as well as seminar and meeting rooms from the comfort of your home. eBuSy offers a fast way to visualize the state of occupancy of your facility, and free slots can be booked or reserved easily.

New applications in ebusy

Administration of club memberships, centralized control of door access, light and heatiing, course bookings and an electronical pin-board

More and more clubs recognize a centralized administration of their members' core data as an important part of club administration. To accomodate this fact, eBuSy now offers an integrated administration module for club memberships. Features include the possibility to account for membership dues and fatigue duties, send bills per mail and administrate periods of membership. All procedures, like sending bills, are identical to those known from the booking system, thus minimizing the training period.

The module for centralized control of your venue's doors, lighting and heating is a professional regulation and control instrument, allowing you to visualize and control all connected devices in real time. Each device is represented within the booking system's backend and can be managed and monitored from any internet capable device.

The former stand-alone products kBuSy and eBuSy Lite have been merged as a course booking module and electronic pin-board into eBuSy 7, allowing you to utilize all the powerful backend tools offered by our booking system.

These Clubs count
on eBuSy

TC GW AachenTC SCC BerlinTennisclub Rot-Weiss Baden-Baden e.V.
TSC RENNINGENTennisclub HockenheimMTTC Iphitos
TC LilienthalTC Caesarpark KaiserslauternTC Bayer Dormagen
SV WACKER BURGHAUSENTC Weissenhof StuttgartTennisclub Ismaning
Mettmanner THCTennisklub Blau-Gold Steglitz e.V.Nürnberger Hockey- und Tennis-Club e. V.
Tennis- und Hockey-Club Münster e. V.KTHC Stadion Rot-Weiss e.V. BTV Betriebs GmbH Tennisbase Oberhaching

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