Dear present and future customers,

More thean 400 clubs, sports centers and companies count on eBuSy as their online booking- and reservation-system. eBuSy is suitable for many applications, not just for tennis courts! eBuSy manages

  • curling pitches
  • soccer courts
  • badminton courts
  • squash courts
  • parking lots
  • racing simulators
  • sailing boats
  • fitness courses
  • therapy appointments
  • gyms
  • rooms
  • snooker tables

With eBuSy you can offer free capacities online. Your customers caconveniently book from home.

Many customers give us very positive feedback about increased business volume and utilisation of their courts, when using our software eBuSy.

eBuSy 8 demo 


Clubs counting on eBuSy

TC GW Aachen e.V.TC SCC Berlin e.V.Tennisclub Rot-Weiss Baden-Baden e.V.
Tennisclub Hockenheim e.V.TC Blau-Weiss WiesbadenMÜNCHNER SPORTCLUB E.V. (MSC)
MTTC Iphitos e.V.TC Lilienthal e.V.TC Caesarpark Kaiserslautern e.V.
TC Bayer Dormagen e.V.Tennis-Club Großhesselohe e.V.SV Wacker Burghausen e.V.
TC Weissenhof Stuttgart e.V.Tennisclub Ismaning e.V.Mettmanner THC e.V.
Tennisklub Blau-Gold Steglitz e.V.Siemens-Tennis-Club (STC) München e.V.TC Doggenburg Stuttgart
Tennispark OberschleißheimNürnberger Hockey- und Tennis-Club e. V.Grunewald Tennisclub e.V.
Tennis- und Hockey-Club Münster e. V.Kölner THC Stadion Rot-Weiss e.V. BTV Betriebs GmbH Tennisbase Oberhaching
TC Tübingen e.V.Tennisabteilung im VfL Sindelfingen e.V.TC Rot-Blau Regensburg e.V.
VfL Ulm / Neu-Ulm e. V.ZHS - Zentraler Hochschulsport MünchenRochusclub Düsseldorfer Tennisclub e. V.

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