Convincing Solutions for your sportscenter

eBuSY delivers state of the art online bookingsystems for various application areas:

eBuSy 7 – we are glad to announce our new eBuSy 7. Based on new technology it is an completely renewed application. We have created for you and your club a system, than gives you more comfort and many more functionalities.

eBuSy R6.3 is specialized on rented courts like indoor and outdoor tenniscourts, Squash-, badminton, bowling, soccer courts and additionally, starting spring 2012, for rented objects like sailing boats. With eBuSy R6.2 the monthly or weekly accounting gets as easy as you can imagine.

eBuSy Lite, our elektronic reservation board is first off all a replacement for old-fashioned magnetic boards or patch panels, which are used allover the place in tennisclubs. Our electronic board can display even large sports facilities with many courts, well arranged and easy to operate.

kBuSy, newest member of our product family, a course and event booking system for sport-, health- and learning opportunities. Courses, instructors and course participants can be administrated online.

eBuSy 7 (new)

courts, premises and all different
booking objects

eBuSy 7 is a modular expandable reservation system, which can also be supplemented with the modules course management (eg for your training and coaching courses), member administrartion and in the future with a financial accounting, so that all the needs of your team will be covered by a compact on-line system.

  • New, more attractive layout with improved usability
  • Greatly improved management of different sports (outdoor courts, indoor Courts, Badminton Squash, training courses
  • Ever clearer intuitve user area
  • Improved routine booking, which led the user quickly and easily through the booking process
  • Even more structured administration area with a modular management of divisions (e.g. separate accounting of indoor courts, outdoor courts etc)
  • Many new customization options for the administrator (eg customization of table views, high-speed direct search in the table view, easy import and export option)
  • Many new and innovative features for the control and monitoring, such as real-time monitoring of your control devicese
  • A complete access control system with access rights for individuals and groups
  • Course management system for offering courses, dates, and events (eg, a tennis training hours)
  • Membership administration system for collection of contributions and settlement of members labor services

For better viewing and operability on touchscreen monitors and preparing the layout for mobile devices the public area of eBuSy 7 was separated from the administrative area. The public area represents itself more compact, more transparent and user-friendly. It has been improved based on proven elements from previous versions eBuSy and expanded to useful functions.

eBuSy 7 Demo System

eBuSy 6.3

rented indoor and outdoor courts

Managing a good utilisation of your tennis-, squash- or badminton-courts is a labor-intensive task. eBuSy online booking system can be a great support. You need only a few minutes to do your monthly or weekly accounting. Your customer will appreciate the convenience an online booking system presents.

  • Robust field-tested web application
  • Clearly arranged and easy to operate
  • Configuration can be personalised to meet your requirements
  • Different modes for booking single- and block-appointments, and subscriptions
  • Booking on account, debit advice, cash, or on balance
  • Clearly laid out data records
  • Convenient processing and administration of data records
  • Even complex prizing models and special prizes can be mapped
  • Billing via e-mail transmission with direct debit function
  • Utilisation statistics by mouse click
  • Search function for team-mates
  • Parallel systems for squash, badminton, bowling and your coaches
  • Access to court control and light switching
  • Newssystem, newsletter

eBuSy 6.3 Demo System

eBuSy Lite 2.3

non comercial membership courts

Do you want to get rid of your old magnetic reservation board, or your paper listings? Did your members take a fancy on online booking? Do you want to make life easier for your sports manager doing all the club-internal reservations? In that case eBuSy Lite is exactly the right solution for you!

  • The first electronic pin board for membership courts
  • Replacement of the mechanical pin board or magnetic board
  • Drag & drop: Take your reservation cards "in your hand" and put it into the electronic board
  • With numerous possibilities for specific configuration
  • Easy definition of new membership cards
  • Seperate groups of courts can be set up
  • Activated in the internet and/or on the tennis courts
  • Daily and/or weekly reservation horizon
  • Operate with PIN Codes or transponder cards
  • Touchscreen optimized layout
  • Accounting of guest player fees

eBuSy Lite 2.3 Demo System


course booking system

You are looking for a solution to manage all your courses,
workshops, events, appointments etc.?
In that case kBuSy is the right tool for you. This online course management tool supplies an operating interface, that intuitive and well structured. Instructor and participants can register in the system to schedule common activities

  • Intuitive user friendly web application
  • Desktop-close way of operating, using drag & drop und popup menues
  • Registration process with configurable content
  • weekly overview oder complete view of courses and events
  • Direct debit, bill or cash payment
  • Easy modification and administration of logic reords
  • Block- und single appointments for courses
  • Application periods
  • List of participants and dates, pdf-format
  • accounting via DTA data files for internet-banking

kBuSy Demo System