For sports halls and rental places

eBuSy 7 (new)

Click the Link above and you can visit the frontend of our new eBuSy 7. Please be aware, that it is still an alpha-version, some refinements have still to be done. Browser compatibilty will be further improved (especialy for older browsers). For the Moment please use the actual versions of Firefox. Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer (Vertion 8 and neuwer).

eBuSy 7 Demo System

administration area

If you want to have access to the administration area, please send us an e-mail and let us know on behalf of which club or sport centre you are interested in our product. We will send you the login data. The administration menu will show you how easy and comfortable you can administrate your booking data. With the configuration menu you can configure the system to your specific needs.

For outdoor courts

eBuSy Lite 3.0

This is an online  reservation system designed analog to a mechanical pin board, using electronic cards. These cards can be pulled out of the alphabetic register and moved into any timeslot with mouse button or on the touch screen. Every member gets one card, special cards for tournament-reservation, trainer’s guests, blocking are available. Every card is protected by a 4 digit pin code.

eBuSy Lite 3.0 Demosystem

 With this new version you have access to the same "backend" like eBuSy 7.2 admins and therefore many new functions:.

  • Create cards, using the  central persons master database from eBuSy 7
    • set colour
    • set indvidual price for using the card (guests oder passive members)
    • quota (e.c. for passive members)
    • max. number of parallel reservations
  • Availability of complete finance menue from eBuSy 7
    • positions
    • invoices
    • invoice templates
    • SEPA debit
  • Enter user goups and combine them with
    • reservation rules
    • prohibition rules
  • Look and feel (colour and logo)self adjustable
  • Naming and arrangement of courts self adjustable
  • Anonymization (supression of names)
  • Set cookie (to overwrite  anonymity setting) on single terminals